Digital Tours

Digital Tours works to bring the unseen world of history and culture to light through the innovative use of interactive technology and instructional design.
People go to great lengths to tap into the stories which are hidden in the World around us.  They will ride on buses, hike through cities and get on bikes, Segways or amphibious trucks.  Digital Tours brings those stories and experiences into the palm of your hands.  Through your personal phone or interactive displays the interactions you will have create a lasting impact.
Based out of the growing Tech District in the heart of San Antonio, Digital Tours bridges the gap between past and present.

Ryan Carter

Founder, Digital Tours

With a foundation in educational principles gained from working for The University of Texas at San Antonio, Ryan works to combine the latest in available technology with interactive instructional design.  From the Roman Empire and tropical fish to the geography of Africa and new hire training for the restaurant industry, where there is a need to gain information, Ryan has worked to find the most efficient and effective solution.  The aim of Digital Tours is to grow the audience, the knowledge, and the impact.